Monday, May 6, 2013

The Sky Lark's Song.

I actually followed my own advice today…and took a walk along the beach with my Spanish rescue dog, Chloe....she has leaves moving without warning, people walking near her and horror of horrors...other dogs.

Today has been particularly hard as I resigned from some charity work with needy families and homeless. I shared the vision of its inception and have worked so closely with these dear people.....but the season is over and I knew I had to leave it to others.

As I walked along the promenade, the tears of loss and sorrow gently ran down my cheeks.

I listened as Father soothed me in Spirit and gently helped me dismiss the lies I was telling myself. I am not a failure, I am not unworthy. In my sadness the enemy was trying to twist those feelings and emotions.

Then He showed me His wonder.....the beautiful notes of a Sky lark pierced my senses and I was returned to the summer days my earthly Dad shared with me his love of nature. We would all lie on a comfy blanket of meadow flowers, overwhelmed with their sweet perfume....and listen to the Sky Lark’s song.

Joy in the midst of sorrow.... His Wonder in the midst of Father God is so gentle with me and I love Him.

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