Tuesday, April 30, 2013

There has always been the Promise of more....

because I know my life is lacking something...but I find it difficult to concentrate at the moment.

At times like this I believe God is pulling me out of the comfort of misery and disenchantment into the challenging and uplifting.

My instinct is to place myself in seclusion, often invite myself to a pity party and chastise myself for having no friends and wasting precious time doing nothing. See I told you it was not pretty or did I forget in my apathy.

At times like this, and yes, I recognize the emotions and feelings,I start looking over the wall to see who and what awaits me.
He is always there, He never left, it was me that drifted away.

Well I'm fed up with drifting, of doing nothing or worse attempting to do a little something in my way.

I'm grasping hold of your hand again, Lord and asking you to support me while I regain some strength and enthusiasm for your work.

I came across a wonderful website today.I know it is an answer to my sketchy prayers.

Have a look, I know you will be encouraged...I am....and with His help perhaps I can continue to be an encouragement again.



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