Thursday, September 19, 2013

Rock Harbor Search and Rescue by Colleen Coble

Search and Rescue is an exciting, fast moving tale of dogs, suspense anticipation and mystery- a perfect combination for its middle school and young teen audience.

Emily lives with her Dad, Step Mum and siblings. She makes jewellery which she sells in order to finance the purchase of a Search and Rescue puppy. However, after a market sale she is unjustly accused of stealing a neighbour’s necklace worth 1000 dollars. The necklace is particularly rare as it has been blessed by a local chief to protect the wearer against the local legendary evil spirit called the Windigo.

Although this is a relatively easy, enjoyable read for its targeted audience the language is nevertheless challenging as are some of the adult concepts introduced; being unjustly accused of something, the need and desire to discover the truth, to need to prove someone’s innocence, feelings of revenge and forgiveness and differing spiritual beliefs.

These topics are those that concern young adult minds as they start to explore their own ideas and values. I felt the author explored them in an interesting, non-judgmental way with the Christian point of view being carefully introduced without being intrusive.

Although I have not yet read any of Colleen Coble’s adult novels I quickly warmed to her characters portrayed in this book as I followed them through their struggles, misunderstandings and resolutions.

I would recommend this book to all middle school and young teens.

Disclaimer: I received a free galley from the publisher via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.

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