Friday, July 19, 2013

Five Minute Friday....Belong.

Five Minute Friday


Some things just seem to belong together naturally like Fish and Chips,Adam and Eve and a pair of socks.
Can you associate with those feelings of frustration when you can't find that missing sock...and there is always one!

Another of the same colour, bought at the same time just won't hasn't washed or worn the same. It doesn't belong.

I have always had the sense that I belonged to God. Even as a little girl I remember not being able to go out for Play times with my friends as I recovered from a kidney infection. For a while I was excluded, different.. I didn't belong. I remember so clearly sitting outside the Headmistresses room reading a bible.I knew it had the answers to my need to belong...but at that tender age I didn't really understand. But it comforted me,calmed me and guided me.

There have been other times I have experienced that not belonging, feeling, not part of the 'group.'
I used to isolate myself, lick unseen wounds and relive the not belonging.

Gradually my sense of not belonging has diminished as my sense of belonging to God has increased.

I belong to Him and we fit together perfectly...a pair of pretty pink socks with bling, well worn and washed clean.

Without my God I am never going to belong but with Him I am a perfect fit and belonging to Him means everything.

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Have a wonderful week full of God's Blessings,



  1. Love the socks idea! Belonging with God does give us that feeling of perfect fit. Such a comfortable image to begin my day. Thank you!

  2. Pink bling socks! Love it. And just like God, He allows us to be individuals and loves us all...warts and all. With belonging to Him, we reap peace.

    John 16:33 - "These things I have spoken to you, that in Me you may have peace. In the world you have tribulation, but take courage; I have overcome the world."

    Blessings on you

  3. Hi Sandra! Thank you so much for wandering over to my blog from FMF!

    I think we all can relate to feeling 'outside' the box. How beautiful that it led you to him. So that time just was not wasted at all. I think we should all be here to be that pink sock for each other. Of course, God's sock has the 'bling' but we can be the support in the meantime.

    Happy to 'join' you! I think we will be great blog-buddies! I'll be learning more about you, and that will be a great thing :)

    Happy Friday,